Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Land!

We went to Pumpkin Land this week... twice. We went earlier in the week to scope out the price of pumpkins and the price of actually going into Pumpkin Land. Nicole loved the pumpkins! She was so excited that she went around and talked to all of them. But, we didn't buy anything.

We went back on Saturday with Anne and the kids and went into Pumpkin Land. Which consists of a corn maze, a vegetable patch, farm animals to look at, an obstacle course, blow up bouncy houses, and a play ground. Nicole loved it! She didn't exactly want to pose for pictures, but she loved checking out all the cool stuff with her cousins.
Lets face it, I loved it too! I love the fall and I especially love Halloween. I love corny halloween decorations and costumes and pumpkin carving, I love it all.
Nicole got into it too. She wanted to pick all of the pumpkins from the patch. Which was forbidden. Matt mentioned that he wanted a green pumpkin and she kept trying to pick the green ones for Daddy.
(funniest pic ever! Anne held up Olivia in the witches head and she made the best face!)

Marie and Anthon met up with us at Pumpkin Land, but we had already been there an hour when they caught up with us and Nicole was on her last leg. It was her nap time, so we, regrettably, did not get to spend much time with Marie and Anthon and the kids.
After Pumpkin Land, Nicole fell asleep in the car and we headed over to the Farmer's Market at Center Street in Provo. We picked up some much cheaper pumpkins and a few other fresh foods.
It was just so nice to spend the morning together as a family out of the house. I love Saturdays!


Marie said...

Nicole refuses to look at the camera.

Yeah, too bad we got there late, but we had fun too.

Sarah said...

Nicoley is the cutest, even if she hates her new bed.

Laura said...

Hey! It must have been Pumpkin Land week. I took my class to Pumpkin Land on Wednesday! Like Nicoley, they loved it too. I have to admit, it is one of my favorite fall places too. Just wish I was there with all my beautiful grandchildren.

Erin said...

Question: How big do they think people's heads are? Those cut outs have the largest head holes of all time! But it looks like you had fun so it's all okay.