Monday, October 04, 2010

12 Weeks

12 weeks! Yay! This is the last week of my first trimester! I am very excited. I am still nauseated, but it seems to mostly hit me at night time (morning sickness is such a bad name for this symptom). I still have heartburn that feels like I'm having a heart attack, but Marie introduced me to Pepcid which works better than anything else I have tried. I still get super tired and I struggle to stay awake the whole day, but I think that will be something that plagues me the entire pregnancy. Other than that, I don't have any major discomforts. I am definitely liking this pregnancy a lot better than my last one.

I went to my first doctor's appointment on Friday. It was also Nicole's 18 month checkup. Me and baby are doing fine, the first appointment is really just a lot of paperwork and formality. I wasn't able to hear the heartbeat, but I am really not concerned. I got to see the heartbeat when I went in for my last ultrasound with Norm. I'm sure little fetus is doing fine.

Nicole had good stats this time:
Weight: 23 lbs (30%)
Height: 50%
Head: 80%

Sorry that I don't remember the exact numbers on height and head. They wrote it down for me, but it ended up being a paper where I stored Nicole's used sucker and it went in the trash. So is the life of having a kid.

Nicole was so brave for the doctor's visit this time! Usually she screams when I set her on the table and screams louder when the doctor checks her eyes, nose and mouth. But, this time she didn't scream. She was nervous and whined a little, but she was a big girl. I was so proud of her. It is like she is growing up!

Nicole had to get three shots this time. But, it has been 6 months since her last shots and I don't think she remembered them because when they layed her on the table she didn't fight them or cry like she has in the past and was completely surprised when she got the shot. My poor little one! The nurses gave her some laffy taffy for getting a shot and then she was fine. Strangely, she is having a reaction to the shots this time that she has never had before, her leg is swollen and warm to the touch and she has a rash all around the site. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be worried.

Last night we tried something new with Nicole. We took off the rail to her crib and tried bedtime in a semi big girl bed. We have been looking into getting Nicole a twin bed because she will need to be out of the crib when the new baby comes and she has started to try to go "night night" in different parts of her room lately, so we felt like it was time to try it. At first, Nicole thought the railless bed was a great game. She practiced getting in and out many times and pretended to go "night night." But, when it was actually time for bed, she did not care for the new arrangement. She immediately got out of bed and came into our room. We put her back multiple times before we finally decided to close the door to her room. Then, she lied down and cried through the crack at the bottom of the door for about an hour. She started quieting down and we feared that she was falling asleep in front of the door (she was). So, we put up the baby gate in her doorway and left her door open and closed our own door. This either made her less mad or she was just more tired. In the end she fell asleep in front of her door with her face pressed against the baby gate. We moved her to her own bed and she was fine the rest of the night until 6am when she fell out of bed.

Maybe there is a better way to do this. Or, perhaps we should skip the whole crib transition thing and jump straight to the twin bed. I just don't know, but it was a long night last night.


Angela said...

Okay I tried to comment earlier and my computer froze on me. We went through the same thing with Phoebe when trying to transition her out of the crib (and needing it for the next baby.) She too thought it was all fun and games to play with the side off the crib until we tried to make her sleep in it. After several attempts (months apart)and Hazel outgrowing the bassinet I thought we were going to have to buy another crib. So I took the crib out of her room and left only the toddler bed (which we already had)and much to my delight she slept in it no problem.

Once the crib was gone she was okay with sleeping somewhere else. But if her crib was there she wanted it to be a crib and wanted in it.

So I say if she continues to protest then just move on to whatever you plan to put her in next, and if that's a twin bed then do that. My first two transitioned with no problems and were fine with us converting the crib, but Phoebe was totally different. Just experiment till you find what works for each kid. Good luck.

Marie said...

I agree...just get her a new bed and out with the crib.

Jasmine said...

Alexis did the same thing when we took the railing off the crib. It was driving me insane! The instant we set up her new twin bed, she was pretty much begging to go to bed. She still gets out of bed a couple of times before she goes to sleep (which is why we put a cover on the door knob), but she knows when it is time to go to bed and still LOVES her bed.

So my advice would be skip the "transition" of having the railing off and just get the bed. It was sooooo much easier once we had it.

Jasmine said...

Also, if you're concerned about her falling out of bed, I would recommend finding a twin bed like ours -- it's built lower to the ground, and we have a "Bunkie Board" instead of regular box springs. We'll get regular box springs when she gets older, and it will look like a regular twin bed. (Here's what we have:

Laura said...

About the rash and swollen leg where the shot was given, you might want to call the doctor's office and let them know that she had a reaction to the shot. The warmth and swelling is typical, but I'm not sure that the rash is.