Monday, October 11, 2010


For Matt's birthday, I took him to the murder mystery dinner theater Twilit! It is a murder mystery that pokes fun at Twilight, Harry Potter, and Frankenstein. It was so much fun! While we ate dinner, characters came out and mingled between the tables, so that you could get to know the characters. Our very own Lisa Svetz played the beautiful Bella and she was fantastic, funny, and entertaining. But, one of my favorite characters was Edward. He was so stinkin' funny! Completely in character the whole time and playing Edward way over the top. Hilarious!

After dinner, the show started. The premise was that Edward and Bella were having a party at their castle so that Bella could meet other supernatural people. During this part, Matt got pulled up on stage for a little audience participation because it was his birthday. He didn't particularly want to do it, but he was a good sport. I got pictures of this on my phone as I had forgotten to bring my camera, but I have not idea how to get them from my phone to my computer, so you will just have to imagine Matt dressed up as a pirate up on stage.

The show turned out to be a musical, which made it even more entertaining. The show lasted 40 minutes or so until one of the characters died. Then, all the audience had a chance to talk to the characters to try to discover who had actually committed the murder. Matt, after having participation forced on him earlier did not feel inclined to participate at this point. So, we just enjoyed the atmosphere and eavesdropped on other people asking the characters questions.

Then, came the big reveal and the song of summation. It was a lot of fun! I'm glad that Lisa was in it so that we could even know that the show existed. My mom was kind enough to watch Nicole so that we could go on this date for Matt's birthday. I recommend mystery dinner theater to all! Matt seemed to have a good time despite that he was pulled up on stage.


Jasmine said...

Joel and I went to something like that on the Heber Creeper for our first date. It was a lot of fun. I agree -- murder mystery dinners make a great date. :)

Happy Birthday to Matt!

Marie said...

You can send the pictures from your phone to your email, then you can save them to your computer.

Wish we could have gone with you...maybe next time.

Laura said...

I wanna go! Sounds like fun. However, my chances of getting your dad to go are pretty slim.