Monday, October 22, 2012

Sometimes I'm Crafty-ish

The cold is coming and I once again have the crocheting bug. I go through these phases where I just want to crochet a lot. And sometimes I go crazy and make a lot of things. But, this year, I was just trying to use up yarn that I already have. So, I started making hats... a lot of hats.

I had some red yarn left over from a scarf that I made for my sister. So, I thought I would make a hat. But, I didn't have enough red yarn to finish the hat, so I added a bunch of stripes of other yarn. Then, there was a big ugly seem where the rows started, so I covered it up with a flower. And tadah! Flower hat.

I made this for Dan, but he will not wear it, so I suppose I should give this away or sell it.

I made this little one for Nicole because she has grown out of her hat from last year.

Here I am modeling my creation.

Here Nicole is, modeling her owl hat.
I liked making the first flower hat so much, that I decided to do it again. I used up the last of this blue and off white yarn making this hat. But, it is a little too big for my head, so I have to find another person to own this hat.

Here is a detail pic of the flower. I pulled that button from my scrapbook button supply.

My flower hats with ear flaps weren't fitting me quite right, so I decided to make a beanie hat instead. It was a little trial and error trying to figure out how to make it fit my head and make it the right length. And then it was so long that one flower wouldn't cover the ugly seam. So, I did three flowers. I may have a flower making problem. But, I don't care, I love it and it matches a scarf that I made for myself three years ago.

Detail pic of the flower.
My sister, Marie, had a diaper party this week for her upcoming baby. I went on Youtube and figured out how to make a diaper cake and this is the result.

Of course, I added an owl hat to the back of the cake that I made for her baby boy. Now her boys will both have owl hats.

This last little hat used up the last of my purple yarn that I had left over from when I made an afghan for Nicole when she was a baby. This little hat is going to be a baby shower gift.
And that ends all the crafts that I have done lately. I mostly crochet when Matt is doing homework at night or when I am alone at night on the weekends. It calms me and lets me do something with my hands so I don't get all anxious when I am alone. I wish I had more crochet patterns because I really like to do it, but I don't, so I work with what I've got and make up patterns when inspiration comes.


Sarah said...

Coolio! Maybe you should teach me to crochet over Christmas and then I can try to gain skills like yours. Jack's owl hat is fitting him nicely now. It did not fit so well his wintery time right after he was born, but now it's awesome. I like your flower hats, but I think I would also prefer beanie hat over flap hat. Maybe a solid color one like a chocolate brown with an accent flower like teal or cream.

Marie said...

Thanks for the diaper cake. It was beautiful. And thanks for the owl had for new baby boy. I tried Damon's on him and it still fits so they can be twinners this winter!

Deanne said...

You are so talented! All of the hats are awesome. Way to go! It was fun to see you (even it was for about 10 seconds) on Saturday.

Laura said...

You are my craftiest far. You way surpass me in my crotcheting skills. I too find that it calms me and keeps me awake when I have moments to just sit. Well done. You are very creative.