Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grandma Moses

This is four generations of women in my family. It is fun to think about the legacy that one person can leave. My Grandma Moses had five children, who in turn had 27 children, who in turn had 25 children (thus far). So, because of my Grandma Moses, 57 people exist. I wonder what my own legacy will be.

Mom, Grandma Moses, Me, and Nicole

My Grandma has always been so good to me and my family. When my Dad left my Mom when we were little, my Grandma moved out of her house so that we could move in and have a place to live. She has always been such a giving and loving person.

My Grandma was a painter and an artist. She would draw portraits of all of us when we were children and they were so accurate, I loved it. I also loved getting cards from her as a child because she would always draw something beautiful on the envelope of the card and I always loved it. I would keep all the envelopes so that I could look at her drawings. As she got older, my Grandma lost her site and was unable to paint. So, it makes the art that she did create that much more special.

My Grandma has also always been a story teller. When I lived in her house as a child, she was still in my ward and she was the storyteller for primary. She was so good at animatedly telling a story and making the words come alive. Even though she couldn't paint anymore, she was able to make pictures with her words.

Grandma also always loved her jewelry. She always had multiple rings on her fingers, a brooch on her shirt, and earrings in her ears. And her jewelry is always real. No cheap stuff for her. She once told me that she got nice jewelry for herself because it made her feel good. Since she has lost her vision, she has started giving her jewelry away. She says that she can't enjoy it anymore, but she would like her grandchildren to enjoy it. She gave me a few rings that are amazing! It is just like my Grandma to give away her own things. She has always been such a giving woman.

My Grandma Moses is actually not in great health. She is in her 80's now and recently had surgery on her shoulder and had complications from the surgery. She is in a rehabilitation center. It is strange to see her health so declined as she has always been a woman so full of life. Her health has never been wonderful, but I am really starting to see her health declining.

I love my Grandma Moses so much. And even though I know that she cannot read this blog... as she is blind, I just wanted to share a little of her with my readers and write down for myself what she has been to me. Because I know that my children will probably not remember her.


Rebecca Susan said...

Love this. Grandmas make the world so much better. Your momma must be one tough cookie, too.

Marie said...

That was a really nice tribute to Grandma, Becky. All of those things are true and what I remember most about her. Also, she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.

Laura said...

Thanks Becky. I have a great idea. Why don't you call Grandma and read your blog to her. I could do it, but it would be more meaningful coming from you.