Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patriotic Photo Shoot

Epic fail at using the airplane in a photo. Plus, Momma Kimball kept walking around in the background unbeknownst to me.
 Momma Kimball bought all the Kimball grandkids patriotic outfits this year and asked if I could take pictures of the kids all together. So, I pulled out my camera that I am not the best at using and just took a bunch of pictures of the kids.

Let me just say, it is extremely difficult to get a picture where all seven kids are looking at the same time. But, I got a few good ones, and a whole lot of subpar ones. It was fun even though it was extremely challenging.

Here are some of the pics that we ended up with.

Dan had the hardest time staying with the other kids. He kept running away. He was the most difficult subject.

And then we gave them flags and everything got worse. They all kept waving the flags in front of others faces.

And then we did the girls, which didn't turn out so bad.

And then we did the boys and didn't get one good picture. Dan was unruly and did not want to cooperate.

Well, I have a new respect for photographers. Especially ones that photograph large groups of children. How do they get them all to look at the same time? Not even smile, just look at the camera? Even though it was fun taking pics of the grandkids, I don't see professional photography in my future.

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Laura said...

What do you mean? Those are great pictures. The boys was so spontaneous and they had such great expressions. The kids looked adorable. Keep it up, you will continue to improve.