Monday, July 08, 2013

Swim Party

Momma Kimball had a swim party for all the grandkids on the first day of summer. She set up a slip and slide and a kiddy pool and we just let the kids play and go wild on a seriously hot day.

Dan and Nicole weren't much interested in swimming or slipping on the slip and slide, but Dan was interested and playing in the sprinkler part of the slide.

This is Matt's nephew Thomas. He is so cute with his little Chilean features.

Matt's niece Lindy

Nicole, Dan and Carlitos playing in the sprinkler

Olivia and Nicole

Dan did not like other people using the slip and slide while he was playing in the sprinkler. 
It was a fun little water party for the kids. Nicole did so well playing with the other kids, which was a pleasant surprise for us.


Sarah said...

Awwwwww cousins. So much fun.

Marie said...

Kids love water. And cousins. Good times.