Friday, June 21, 2013

Swing Set

Before we knew that we would be up to our ears in medical bills, Matt worked a couple extra shifts at work so that we could purchase a swing set for our backyard for the kids. And even though I love the swing set, that money would be nice now that we have these medical bills.

But, money aside, Matt looked for a long time on line and in stores before we picked a metal Lifetime play ground. We wanted metal because then we wouldn't have to worry about splinters, or sanding, or staining it, or warping.

It took Matt, a couple of weeks to put it all together because he was doing it in his spare time. Now that it is up, it looks awesome. The kids love it, we love it, and it definitely makes the yard feel like more of a play space. Before, when we would go to the backyard to play, there wasn't really much to do. I really had to entertain the kids myself the whole time. But now, I can send them to the backyard to play and I don't have to entertain them and it is awesome.

Here are some pics of us playing on the set.

 This is my favorite pic. Look at Dan's eyes! They could pierce you!

Here is a pic of the whole swing set. It has the swings and the clubhouse and slide. All the basics you need. This should last us forever.

Action shots! Oh yeah, I'm getting better with my fancy camera.


Lisa D said...

We're looking into getting a swing set for our backyard as well. It looks like your kids love it!

Nice haircut, btw! :)

Marie said...

Nicole is wearing the outfit that I gave her! Dan's eyes pierced my soul.

Laura said...

Great swing set! It is great when you have things for the kids to do in the backyard and you know that they are safe. It is also great when the kids play well together and you don't have to constantly supervise. Glad you have such an awesome space for your family.