Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hair Cut

After I lost the baby, I felt like I needed a change. Some may say that it is an early mid-life crisis... or... brilliance! When I was single, and I had a break up, I would feel sad and I would dye my hair. But, now that I'm older, and have kids, I try to steer clear of the crazy hair colors that I did when I was younger. So... this ended up with me cutting my hair.

It is a big change, so I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. But, after a couple of weeks and learning how to style it myself, I am very pleased.

These pics are from the day I got it cut and I hadn't styled it myself.

Here is a pic of me styling it myself. I have finally gotten the hang of it. Short hair is definitely different hair skills then long hair. I can't get it to look like my stylist does it, but I can do it in a way I like. Also, this is a bad pic of Nicole, but I looked really good in it, so ignore that she looks bad.


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Laura said...

Love the haircut! It really shows off your pretty face.