Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Before I introduced my new and improved sticker reward system, Nicole would work on a sticker chart for many months and then get a big prize when she completed it. This time, she got skates... which it turns out are pretty expensive when you have to buy pads and a helmet too. We decided to go with skates instead of a bike because Nicole is afraid of bikes.

Nicole was afraid as soon as she got on her feet, but Matt held on to her and helped her skate around for a while. She was done after two seconds, but persisted and eventually got the hang of it.

She didn't really like skating until I took her into the garage and had her skate in there. Then, she loved it because it was a nice, smooth, even surface. Now she skates in the garage all the time, so it turned out to be a good pic.

Dano wanted to try out the skates because he has to do everything that Nicole does. He couldn't find his feet the whole time. It was just too much for him. He is too little. But, he wants to try every time that Nicole skates.

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Laura said...

I love that Nicole persevered until she was comfortable skating in the garage. New things can be scarey at first. I also love how she is helping Dan skate with Matt. What a good big sister. And what a good dad to help the kids learn how to skate. The night shift does have its being able to play with the kids during the day.