Saturday, June 15, 2013

Backyard Swimming

We bought this little pool last year because it was a hot summer. But, last year, when we tried to put the kids in the pool, they cried like we were trying to harm them with the cold water of the pool. This year though, when I got out the pool, the kids couldn't get in it fast enough. The cold water didn't even phase them.

Nicole decided that the pool needed toys, so she ran inside and got the bath toys. That ended up being a big mistake because all the bath toys got grass in them when Dan decided to add grass to the pool.

It is just a simple thing, fill a pool up with water, but the kids were so happy about it. I love it when my kids play well together and are happy. It makes for a happy mommy.


Marie said...

Love some good clean fun! Anything that keeps the kids busy for a little while!

Laura said...

Ahhhh the sights, sounds and feelings of summer! Good times. Good memories that the kids will have of their backyard and playing together. Glad to hear that they are enjoying the pool this year.