Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Party

I haven't gotten out very much since the babies were born, but I took a little break from the babies to take Nicole and Dano to a swim birthday party.

A friend had rented an inflatable water slide. Dano and Nicole jumped right in, no fear and started playing on the thing. It is quite a testament to how far Nicole has come. She is so brave in new situations and tries new things all the time as of late. I am so proud of her.

 Dano kept torturing a neighbor boy by squirting him with the squirt gun. His parents were not concerned though and kept egging Dano on to do it again, so I just let it go.

Nicole found a hula hoop and spent a good fifteen minutes trying to get it to work. She was so cute doing it though she wasn't very successful. But, she had fun doing it.

It was only an hour out of the house, but it was good to get out for a little bit. But, at the end of an hour, I was ready to get home to the babies. I find myself very nervous when I am away from them, even when they are home with Daddy. I just am not ready to be away for long periods of time.

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Marie said...

Yay for an hour out of the house! Looks like fun!