Friday, August 06, 2010

So So Tired

Nicole started getting her molars this week. I could feel them coming in her gums and she has been extra cry face as of late. She woke up at 1am this morning with a fever of 103.7. Yikes! That is just too high for my little one. We immediately got her into a cool bath, to which she freaked out because she hates cool baths. I was up with her until 4am. She woke back up at 6am and Matt was up with her until 7:30am. She has been in and out of sleep since then and her fever hung around 102 until about 9am.

I finally started getting a little nap myself when my phone rang. The good news is that it was a call for a tech writing job interview. The bad news is that I am now awake and not napping. I have to get ready for an office manager interview anyway. Hopefully Matt will be home soon so I can pass off my parenting duties and go to the interview like I've actually had more then three hours of sleep.


Sarah said...

Not fun :( I wish you good luck Baby!

Becky said...

Your face is lucky!