Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Starting Over

I'm starting to feel like Matt and I are starting over. When we got married, we both had good jobs and ample money and we were able to buy a house within a few months of getting married. Most young married couples don't have the opportunity to do this. I look at Sarah and Johnny who married not long after Matt and I and they are still renting and going to school and living at a minimum. Matt and I are kinda starting over and living that low income way that most couples do even though we have been married for three years.

I have to say, I would rather have started out with nothing and worked for more rather than having a lot and then losing it. Retreating is a lot more difficult than the other. But, I expect that this experience will lead Matt and I to learn more about each other and we will have a better marriage for it.

Matt starts school soon, which will be weird for both of us I am sure. I graduated four years ago and Matt stopped his schooling 5 years ago. A return to school feels weird. Even though I will not be taking the classes or doing the homework, I will be right there next to Matt watching him do it and helping when it is possible. Hopefully, this little journey of ours will not take more than a couple years to complete. We both know that this is the right decision for us.

Some days are harder than others when facing the unknown, but today is a better day. I will continue to have faith that the Lord will care for the things that we really need. Thank you for all your prayers and the help that has been provided.


Jasmine said...

It's definitely harder to go back to the "starving student" stage than to just stay there. I haven't really experienced it personally, but we've been living the poor, renting life since we got married, and we plan to continue living that way till we have paid off Joel's massive student loans. It's a rather odd feeling knowing that, even though we have an income, none of that money is actually ours yet because of the debt.

Good luck to Matt with school! And to you for being his moral support through it all!

Marie said...

Don't stop until it's done! Start college and stay in college until you are done. That's my advice to everyone. Anthon went back to school when he was 28 and finished when he was 30. It's good to do.

Krista said...

Im glad to see you being so positive! Keep pushing forward, good things are coming your way!

McKenna said...

It's strange to read your post, those are the same things Stewart and I are going through. Can I just copy your post and put it on my blog? jk. Well, I hope meet succes as you go forward on this new road (we'll be right there with you). Tons of love!