Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today I am feeling nervous. Perhaps this nervousness will pass tomorrow, but for today it remains. I have been job searching for three months now to no avail. The few tech writing jobs out there that have actually responded to my resume will now not take my calls to verify if the job has been filled. Some people might wait patiently for a response, but I have decided to call them... a lot. I figure if I call enough, someone might actually answer.

School starts next month for Matt. He will be attending UVU. Unfortunately, the math credit that he earned back in the stone age is no longer viable. So, he has to take a math test to get those credits back. But, he can't register for many of his core classes until he has that math credit. Stupid school rules. Hopefully everything will turn out with that.

Once Matt starts school, he will no longer be working during the days, so the pressure is really on for me to find some sort of income, which makes me nervous. I really hope something will happen soon. I apply for jobs most every day, but I usually do not get responses. I quit my babysitting job so that I could focus on the real job getting. It is difficult to schedule interviews and such when you are tied to watching a kid twice a week. This has reduced my stress a little.

Matt enjoys working in the HVAC business for now. He is actually pretty good at it. We are very grateful to Anthon for providing the work, but it won't last forever as school will be starting up soon. I am really hoping that we qualify for a student loan. That will ease some of our financial burden.

I was hoping that this post would help me vent some of my nervousness... but no, it is still there.


Marie said...

Sell your hair....wait, you don't have enough.

Sell your blood....unless you like it in your body like I do.

Sell your baby....They fetch a good price and I hear Nancy and Josh are willing to pay for a good baby. (I love you Nancy and Josh!)

That's all I got.

Laura said...

Lame ideas Marie. That nervousness is hereditary. I've experienced it at times throughout my life. The good news is...that things usually do work out. And they will for you too. Maybe not in the way that you expect, but you will survive and move forward. Things will get better.

claudia said...

Maybe Marie could sell her hair for you! LOL
It is so normal to be nervous when we face the "unknown". The good news is that Heavenly Father knows your needs and will provide. Don't get discouraged. Everything really will work out. These uncomfortable life lessons usually provide us with important knowledge that enables us to become even stronger and eventually happier. A job will come in some way or another, and this to shall pass. Hang in there. xoxoxoxxoxo