Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I went to a job interview today and it was going great until they told me that they do not offer insurance to full time employees. So, I left feeling despondent and twenty minutes later they called and offered me the job. I told them I would have an answer for them after I spoke with my husband.

I called Matt and explained the offer. It was only 1 dollar per hour more than what Matt is making installing A/C units and there is no insurance. If it were just Matt and I and not our sweet little Nicole, I might consider going without health insurance, but we have a little girl to think of. So, I turned down the job. We just really need insurance when we have a kid to think of.

I feel crappy though. For months I have been applying and interviewing and I finally finally got an offer, but it isn't an offer that will work for me and my family. I'm just sad about it.

I got a call about a part time technical writer job and I sent in a writing sample for that. I also called about a full time tech writer job that I applied for in May but they are "on hold" with the hiring process. Lame.

I've just got to find something positive to do to get me out of this slump.


Sarah said...

Play games with Mark and I once we're free of the childrens! Also, it's really hard to read the text on your new blog background.

Jenni Elyse said...

I'm sure something will turn up. Would it be okay to take the job while you look for another job just so you can get some money coming in? I'm just wondering and trying to give you another option you might now have thought of.

Laura said...

Job hunting is tough, especially in this economic environment. Keep your hopes and faith up. The Lord is mindful of you.

Marie said...

I agree with Sarah about the blog background. I've been meaning to tell you to change it.

Good thing you are coming over for dinner tonight...that'll make you happy for sure!