Friday, July 16, 2010

Nicoley Oley Oley O!

I have been a bad mother and have neglected to post new pictures of Nicole. This post is my attempt to rectify that situation. She is 15 months now and gets cuter by the day. She is walking all over the place and often does not want to be held because she loves to walk. This makes going anywhere a fun "chase Nicole" game.

She is also talking a lot! She can say the following words: Mommy, Daddy, Oley O, One, Two, Three, Cracker, Night Night, Bye Bye, Please, Thank you, Up, Help, Baby, Kitty, Meow, Roar, Why, No, Water, Bottle, and a lot of others that I can't remember.

She knows those words, but she is also in a mimic phase where she likes to mimic everything that Matt and I say, or the last word of a sentence anyway. This is cute, but also makes me more careful of what I am saying.

She loves to read books, that is currently her favorite thing to do other than watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves being in nursery with Mommy and Daddy. She is a wonderful joy in my life and I love her!


Marie said...

She is so cute and getting really fun to be around. For a while there, she just wanted mommy to hold her, but now she interacts with other people much more and has the cutest little voice.

Laura said...

I love her voice, her face and her little "Coley O" ways.

claudia said...

She is so adorable! I can't wait to see her again. Cross your fingers. Someone has made an offer. We will find out more tomorrow.

Lauren said...

Becky, she is so cute! I can't believe all the teeth she has. I LOVE her pig tails. She sounds like a lot of fun.