Saturday, July 17, 2010

Party at Marie's

A few weekends ago I invited everyone over to Marie's house for a BBQ. You would think that I would invite them to my own house, but I didn't. Marie has a better house and yard for entertaining and a bigger grill.

Nicole is afraid of grass and she was barefoot at this event as I had not yet bought her shoes. I figure they don't need shoes until they start walking. So, Matt decided to bring her out into the middle of the grass to get her used to it.

Mom and Dad came.
Marie was there cuz it's her house.

Nicole was so stinkin cute once she got used to the grass. She was walking and playing a lot.

1 comment:

Marie said...

What's wrong with your camera?
Too bad I only took one picture of the event.
My house is usually the party house.