Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oops Grandma!

I have a certain Grandma who is hilarious. She always says the funniest things. Well, she says things that she thinks are serious and us grandkids think it is hilarious. This Grandma also has really poor eye sight. One time she was at the store with me, Marie and Sarah and about 30 minutes into shopping she suddenly said, "Oh, you're Sarah!" She hadn't realized Sarah was with us, she thought it was just some girl following us around.

So, today Grandma fell and hit her head. This is not the first time that she has fallen. She is a notorious faller. And she usually hurts herself when she falls. So, she fell today and my mom took her off to the emergency room... again. I'm thinking that Grandma may need rails lining the walls of her apartment, this will prevent further falling... or maybe she will continue to fall. I worry about her because she just has the worst balance... and memory.

So, since my Mom was suppose to be watching Marie's kids, I went over to watch the kids while Mom took Grandma to the hospital. I've learned a couple of things in my time this summer as a caregiver:

1. Kids lie... a lot.
2. Kids get bored and have no desire to think of activities to entertain themselves.
3. Kids are always hungry, but don't want to eat what you have to offer.

I brought the kids swimming because they were very whiny and I wanted them to stop. Nicole fell asleep on the way to the pool. My Mom met us there because she was done caring for Grandma. Mom held the sleeping Coley while I watched the kids in the pool. Nicole woke up after not too long and was not inclined to go swimming, but wanted to stay with her Grandma in her swimming suit and swim diaper. Swim diapers apparently don't hold much because when she peed it got all over my Mom. Mom said, "Nicole, I think you peed on me." Nicole responded by bursting into tears. I think she thought that she had done something wrong because she doesn't usually cry when she pees. We left not long after that.


Laura said...

It's not the first time that I've been peed on and probably won't be the last. Oh, the joys of motherhood and grandmotherhood.

Krista said...

They may not think of activities because of the stupid TV. It crushes their creativity! I strongly believe that kinds need to get out more often! Good job taking them swimming!

Marie said...

If they are not constantly entertained, they say they are bored. That's when I tell them to go outside.