Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Job

My new job is great! I am super busy because even though I just started, I already have a deadline! But, the people are nice and the environment is good. Right now I don't have a desk so much as a card table in an open area. But I have been promised that I will be moving to a more permanent location soon.

There is free food all the time, free drinks, and I get all the office supplies that I need right away. It is very different from my last company in those respects. They definitely roll out the red carpet when it comes to equipment and food.

Thus far, things are good, but super busy. Back to work!


Marie said...

I want some free food! My work has free pop, but I never drink it. Your new job is better than Dentrix too because you get to be on Google Talk all day long with me!

Laura said...

Glad you like your job. Working in a good environment make time go fast and keeps you happy.