Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing My Matt Face

Matt and DJ went to Washington on Friday to drive back one of his parent's cars. Mom and Dad Kimball are moving here next week! We are all very excited about this move and Matt was more than happy to fly out just to drive back.

The good thing about this weekend is that I have Nicole all to myself. I love her so stinkin much and I have really missed her! I have loved this time that we have had together.

Yesterday we spent the whole day with Marie and Anthon. I went over in the morning to help Marie clean her house. I know that it is difficult to perform chores while 9 months pregnant. So, I helped clean, then I helped her shop. Nicole was very tolerant of it all. She was really good. She even took both of her naps at Marie's house. Since Marie is all set up for having a baby, it made it easy to have Nicole there. Marie has everything Nicole needed. Nicole let me know when it was time to go home though. She picked up my purse and said "Go go go. Bye bye."

Today, Nicole and I have been lounging around. Well, I have been cooking a lot. I think I cook when I really miss Matt. I made three loaves of banana bread, ham and squash quiche, and ham and cauliflower soup. I really needed to use up my ham I had in the fridge, so I went overboard on the ham dishes. I still have enough ham left for a ham and potato pie later in the week.

Marie and Anthon are coming over tonight to keep my company as Matt won't be back until late tonight. Sigh, I miss him.

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Marie said...

It was good ham food. Thanks for the cleaning, shopping and ham! It was a good weekend for me :)