Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monster Hat

So, I decided that I could probably take the concept of owl hats and start making other kinds of hats for kids. My nephew Carlitos is really into dragons, so I thought I would try making a dragon hat. But, the hat ended up looking like a monster, not a dragon. Oh well, he still loved it.

front of the hat

back of the hat

Hat on my hand

Nicole modeling the hat while rolling on the ground
I gave him the hat for his birthday and the first thing he did was stick his fingers in the nostrils. Then, all the kids wanted to stick their fingers in the nostrils. Who knew that that would be the big hit. But, of course, since he is a little boy and really rough, within the first few minutes of obtaining the hat, he had pulled on the horns and stretched them all out and strings that were hidden started to come loose. I just do not know how to keep those strings in. I tie them off on the inside of the hat, but children seem to find ways to pry them all loose.

I neglected to get pics of him with the hat, but I think I will do a Kimball niece and nephew hat post sometime because I've almost made a hat for all of them. I only have to make a cat hat for Lucy and then I've gotten them all.


Marie said...

Super cute. I stuck my fingers in the nostrils too the first time I saw that hat. I can't wait to see the cat hat!

Laura said...

You are so creative! Love the hats. Have you thought of selling them?