Monday, November 21, 2011

Sick Weekend

Nothing is worse than having a sick baby. My normally happy, smiley, little man was sick with the stomach flu over the weekend. He started with the diarrhea on Thursday. Over the weekend, Dan, sadly, went through 45 poopy diapers. My poor little baby has a very sore bum!

Dan was really whiny and sad on Saturday and started throwing up that night. It is very sad to watch your little baby throw up... a lot. I remember doing this with Nicole when she was about 9 months old, but she was still nursing at the time, so she was getting food that is softer on a little tummy. Dan stopped nursing like 2 months ago.

Luckily, we had some of my milk frozen in the freezer. So, we thawed out the milk and Dan got mama's milk for a day. He went through it in no time though and then it was all gone. But, he didn't throw it up, so it was a success. But, once we were out of it and tried to give him the formula again, he was pretty mad. That is what he gets for giving up nursing. I wanted to keep going, but my little man was done a while ago.

So, Saturday, we pulled out the bed downstairs and camped out all day Sunday.

We stayed in our pajamas and were very lazy. Nicole loves it when we pull out the bed. She thinks it means that she can sleep downstairs (which we do not allow). But, it does mean that we can all snuggle together and watch tv. Normally, I would snuggle with my kids on my bed, but after Dan threw up on my bed, I was done with that. I would much rather that he threw up on the pull out bed (though he didn't, my bed is the lucky one).

Oh, and did I mention that I started feeling nauseated just after Dan threw up the first time? I didn't ever throw up, but I did feel sick to my stomach all day on Sunday. It hit Matt Sunday night. Luckily, it happened on a weekend and we were able to trade responsibilities with the kids depending on who felt better.

Dan is down to just 4 poopy diapers a day, so hopefully the worst is passed and his bum will heal. And, hopefully Matt and I will feel better soon too. I'm at work today either way.


Deanne said...

I'm sorry :( It's no fun when kids are sick. Poor little things. It's even worse when mom are dad are sick as well. I really hope this all passes quickly for you guys.

Jasmine said...

We had a stomach bug at our house, too. Luckily Joel and Cassie seem to have avoided it, but it was NOT a fun weekend. It's so hard when your kids are sick! Glad he's starting to feel better. (and hopefully you and Matt are, too.)

Sarah said...

Yuckers. Sounds like not a party of a weekend. Hopefully Dan the man starts feeling better asap.

Marie said...

Sick babies are the worst. You feel so bad for them and their poor bums. I have some good diaper rash cream if you need some.