Monday, June 04, 2012

I love you Mommy

Lately, Nicole has been telling me that she loves me a lot. She will be sitting in the back of the car and say, "Mommy!" Me, "Yes?" Cole, "I love you." Just for no reason at all, she likes to tell me she loves me. And it melts my heart and makes me happy.

I think she does it to get my attention because she used to say, "Mommy, I need something," and then she wouldn't know what she needed. And that would bother me because I want her to be specific if she needs something so that I can actually help her... or concentrate on driving instead of answering non-essential questions.

So, I muchly prefer the "I love you" comments from Coley.

Some of my other favorite Coleisms:

I am always telling Nicole and Dan to "behave." Nicole, who doesn't understand this will often ask me, when I am scolding Dan, "Mommy, is Dan not being haved?" And it is hilarious!

Nicole has a recent love of shoes. She got a bag of shoes from her cousin Lucy and she went crazy over them. She started trying them on and taking them off and trying them on and taking them off. Then, every time we go to Walmart, she loves stopping at the shoes and trying on as many as she can. This is a shoe girl.

Nicole is all about our itinerary. She wants to know where we are going, what we are doing and when we are doing it. When we get dressed in the morning, she asks, "What are we going today?" And I tell her that we are going to do chores, go to the store, and then to Grandma's House. Then, when we are in the car, "Where are we going?" And I tell her the itinerary again. And then she will start to repeat it to her self, "Going to store, then to Grandma's and I play with toys." If we defer from our itinerary as we have told her, it results in a meltdown. So, we are always sure of our schedule before telling her otherwise we know we are in trouble.

I love my little girl so much! She is so funny and so kind to her brother. She is also so smart. She is trying to figure out what letter all words start with. She repeats words until she figures out the first letter. "Ball, bah, bah, ball. It starts with B!" She does it with all sorts of words and it makes me think I must be doing something right.

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Marie said...

Coley is so cute and funny! And super smart!