Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Dan and Nicole have both suffered from eczema. Nicole would get it on her arms and neck. Dan gets it on his feet, the back of his knees and the inside of his elbows. I can tell that it bothers him, but he is so little, he doesn't scratch at it because he doesn't know how.

So, I took Dan to the doctor and got a steroid for his eczema. The cream worked and the eczema cleared within a week. And then, a week later it was back. I used the cream again and again with the same result until I ran out of cream.

So, I looked online for an alternate solution and found Monkey Balm!

This is an organic balm that is made from sea buckthorn oil. The reviews were really good that it would heal the eczema within three days. So, I saw it on babysteals.com for half off and I bought it.

I started using it on Dan's skin and within 3 days, his feet were healed! Not scaly and red anymore. Yay!

So, I started using it on Nicole and her skin improved too.

I have always had a skin condition on my arms where I have little red bumps on my arms for reason's unknown. Most of my siblings also have this condition, so I assume it is something genetic. So, I started putting Monkey Balm on my arms and I started to see improvement within 2 days. The bumps are less red and there aren't as many. Yay!

So, I recommend Monkey Balm for eczema and other mild skin irritations. It is awesome! And, all natural. It is pricey, but you can find it on sale occasionally.


Marie said...

Sweet. I'll have to look for it on BabySteals.

Marie said...

I mock you with my monkey pants!