Friday, June 08, 2012

Night of Horribleness

I am going to call last night the night of horribleness. But, thankfully, it was only lack of sleep horribleness... not vomit horribleness. Though there were some close calls.

Nicole was very emotional yesterday. I think that it was because she was just so tired, but who really knows. I feel like I am playing a guessing game sometimes when it comes to trying to figure out what is wrong with my crying kids.

Last night, she was breaking down, crying about everything, so I put her and Dan to bed (at their regular bedtime). Nicole immediately starts to cry and come out of her room, claiming that she is afraid. I ask her what she is afraid of and she says, "everything." Obviously, she is just trying to get attention. So, I put her back to bed, take Dan out of the room and close the door.

She freaks out screaming and yelling and crying and throwing a fit against her bedroom door. This goes on for 20 minutes until she calms down enough and I open the door. Then, she says she has to go potty, so we go to the toilet and she is sitting on the toilet and starts breaking down again. Screaming and crying right there on the toilet. AH!

I keep telling her to calm down and stop crying and she is freaking out even more and then she starts to cough and gag because she has worked herself up so much that she is on the verge of throwing up! She screams that she is going to throw up, opens the toilet and begins to gag herself.

I had had enough! She is forcing herself to freak out for reasons unknown. And, it has escalated to the point where she literally does not know how to calm down. She looks at me with a look of panic in her eyes and cries, "Mommy, I don't know how to stop crying? I can't do it!"

I put her face between my hands and say, "breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out," and I make her breath with me until she calms down enough that she is no longer gasping for breath and gagging herself. Matt then took her into her bedroom and talked to her and calmed her down some more and she finally fell asleep!

I put Dan back to bed and both kids finally fell asleep.... until 1am. Nicole comes into our room crying for unknown reasons and lays on our floor for an hour, crying, and talking and having to go potty twice. Ugh! Finally, Matt convinces her to go back to her own bed and brings Dan into our room because we both know that she is going to cry and wake him up if we don't. And she does cry, and even though he is one room away, she does wake him up!

So, now we have two kids awake. But, Matt and I calm them both down and we have Nicole in her own bed and Dan in the play pen in our room and we are just trying to fall back asleep. But, it seemed like every time that I started to drift off, one of them would start crying again.

Nicole fell asleep again, and I put Dan back in his bed and he wasn't sleeping. So I get him a bottle don't ask me what time that was, I don't remember. Dan eventually falls asleep. I drift back off to sleep and... Nicole is back, crying again. Awake... AGAIN! I have no idea what is going on with this girl! I know she was tired, but she just won't stay asleep.

A trip to the potty and back to bed and she falls back asleep again. Luckily, that is the end of this horrific tale until I heard my alarm at 6am. And then it was up and off to work for me.

Please let this be a phase. Oh please oh please. Sometimes I feel so helpless when it comes to the kids. They can't express what is really wrong with them, they are just so little and express themselves with crying and I have to try and interpret what is wrong. I hope today is better than yesterday.


Marie said...

Wowzers! Quite a horrible night!

Sarah said...

Wow. Just wow. I hope things are much better today!

Jasmine said...

Yeesh! I wish I had advice for uncontrollable crying, but Alexis has never been worked up that badly. (Although, she is starting the fake-crying phase -- I can tell she's faking it, so I tell her she needs to be done, and she responds, "No, mom. I can't. I'm still crying." Arg!)

Deanne said...

Oh man. Lack of sleep is a not so fun aspect of parenting! I hope it was just a fluke.