Monday, January 24, 2011

28 Weeks

Yay!  I am 28 weeks along and officially into my third trimester.  That means that I am 2/3 done with this pregnancy.  Hazah! 

I had my first bought of "nesting" this weekend where I suddenly felt that the baby was coming very soon and we were very unprepared for it.  I decided it was time to clean the whole house because it was a wreck.  Matt, was very kind and helped me in my endeavor even though I sounded like a crazy person talking about getting the house clean immediately for the baby that won't come for another 12 weeks.

I also began registering for baby stuff on even though my baby shower isn't for another two months.  It is possible that I am a little crazy.  We also went shopping on Saturday so that I could look at double strollers.  We went to Burlington Coat Factory that has a surprisingly large baby section at the back of the store.  We saw a few double strollers, but none of them are the one that we want.  There was a really nice one that had seats that could face forward or backward, but Nicole was too tall for the seat.  Her head was almost brushing the canopy.  In six months, she wouldn't even fit into it.  Who designs these things?  We tried the InStep Safari Double, but when folded it was huge!  No way was that thing going to fit into either of our cars.  Perhaps, a double stroller is not in our future.

Yesterday I was feeling stuffy and coughy, so Matt told me to stay home from church and rest while he and Nicole went.  I'm sure glad I did because baby boy FINALLY turned while I was taking my nap.  This whole time he has been feet down and I was starting to get worried that he wouldn't turn before he got too big to turn.  So, now I get kicks to the ribs, but it is overall WAY more comfortable than having him kick down.

I am feeling really good still.  I have bad pregnancy days where I get a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions if I am too active or if my body just hates me, but it is still a lot better than my Nicole pregnancy.  I still have energy, though not as much as I did a few weeks ago.  Something about the third trimester just makes me extra tired. 

I am starting to get the swelling of the feet a lot more now, something that I was mostly spared in the second trimester.  Now, if I stand for too long or sit for too long then they will just begin to swell.  Elevation is key.

I am working with Nicole on getting her to realize that there is a baby in Mommy's tummy and that it is her little brother.  Sometimes she remembers and sometimes she thinks that Mommy is a jungle gym, just like Daddy.  But, last night, she said to me, "Baby Brother in Mama's tummy?"  It made me a happy mommy.

The day is swiftly approaching where I will not just be a mommy to one, but two!  It is exciting!


Marie said...

I can't wait to see your little boy! He's going to be so cute! I'm glad he finally turned. It seems weird for a baby's head to be in your ribs, but maybe that's because Damon was head down the entire time.

Laura said...

I'm so glad that little Daniel turned the right way. Coley was so cute last night when she kissed her baby brother through your tummy.

Laura said...

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