Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Things I Want

 This beautiful changing table/chest of drawers from Target.
 This super cute turtles crib set from Target.
 This Phil and Teds Explorer stroller (watching KSL for a deal!)
Or, this very light and functional City Mini Double stroller (come on KSL!).

These are the big items that I want for when the baby comes.  But, it is very likely that I will get none of them.  But, I can dream, and window shop online.


Marie said...

Those turtles are cute. My friend did a sea turtles theme for her baby's room recently. It was super cute. Too bad your boy baby's room is already purple....that's what happens when you have a girl first.

Jasmine said...

Cute stuff! I had big dreams and wishes for my babies, too...

I did, however, make some great finds on craigslist as far as bedroom furniture and strollers. Good luck!

Becky said...

Matt intends to paint one wall in the room either blue or green so that our boy can have a "boy" wall. He is so funny.

Angela said...

I have a Phil & Teds I could sell you. It's an E3 from '06 so slightly different but pretty much the same. They are awesome strollers. Let me know if you're interested.