Friday, January 07, 2011

Finger Smash

Nicole had her first "real" injury yesterday.  Nicole has bonked her head and had minor scratches that she inflicted on her self throughout her life, but nothing that causes pain for more than a few seconds.  Yesterday, she smashed her finger in a door and it cut one of her fingers.

She could not get over this injury, probably because she has never been hurt like this before.  Most bonks are healed with a kiss from Mommy and Daddy, but it did not work with this finger.  When I picked Nicole up after work yesterday, the first thing she did was start to cry and show me her finger (she was not crying before I arrived).  It was like she was reliving the whole experience again and had to tell me all about her pains and woes.

She insisted that I kiss the finger, so I did, but then she kept wanting me to kiss it and kiss it and kiss it and she cried about it for an hour.  I couldn't get her to give up talking about this finger.  So, I put some neosporin on the cut, put her very first band-aid on and she seemed to chill out... a little.

Until, she started obsessing over the band-aid.  She kept wanting to take the band-aid off.  In fact, she got the first one off, so I had to replace it with a new one.  She wanted the second one off, but she couldn't get it off.

Oh, and did I mention that she told me that, "Daddy smash finger"?  Which, he did not, but she likes to blame us for things if we were there when it happened.  But, she also told me that "Daddy kiss finger," and "Daddy fix finger."  She is such a little scoundrel.

She did eventually stop crying about the finger when I turned on Kialan for her, but I did have to kiss it for her multiple times before bed.  I thought that maybe having her able to communicate with us more would lesson her crying fits, but it just allows her to tell us why she is crying.

Last night, when I was trying to watch something that I wanted to watch, Nicole came up to me and said, "Watch Kialan show Mommy?  Okay."  (She likes to ask us questions and put the response to the question right there for us so that we can't disagree.)  When I told her, "No Kialan," there was another crying fit.

Hopefully, today will be a day with less tears and less drama.  Do the terrible twos sometimes start before the child is two?


Jasmine said...

Poor Nicole! And yes, the terrible twos arrived long before Alexis turned 2. That's a complete misnomer.

Sarah said...

Ha ha...she cracks me up. Lil' drama queen.

Marie said...

Why did Matt smash her fingers like that?! What a bad dad. Maybe if you guys weren't so mean to her, she wouldn't need to cry so much.

Laura said...

Terrible twos can start before age two and last longer than age two. Hopefully because she is starting early, she will end early.