Monday, January 03, 2011


This year we had the opportunity to spend Christmas with my family.  For the past three years that we have been married, we have spent Christmas with the Kimballs, which was a lot of fun, but I was glad that we got to be with my family this year.

On Christmas Eve we went up to my parent's house and settled in as we planned to stay the night.  I helped my sisters and my Mom do a Christmas craft.  Now that I am writing about it, I probably should have taken a picture of the craft... but I didn't.  It was a banner on a ribbon that said, "Let it Snow."  I thought that it turned out really well.

Later that day, we all went over to my brother Jake's house for dinner.  Jill, Jake's wife, really decorated the house and the tables beautifully for Christmas dinner.  The food was delicious and there was more than enough to eat.  After dinner we exchanged gifts among the kids and then amongst us siblings.  Those of the siblings who weren't spending Christmas at the Parent's also received their parental gifts.

We went back to Mom and Dads and put Nicole to bed as she was melting down at Jake and Jill's.  We were the first to leave.  It seems like we are always the first to leave because Nicole gets crowd anxiety.  Sarah, Mark, Marie, Anthon, Johnny, and Krista all stayed the night at the parent's on Christmas Eve.  So, in true Derington fashion, we stayed up really late playing games.  I knew when I had stayed up too late when I started crying over a card game, then it was time for bed for this pregnant lady.

Christmas morning, we got up and made breakfast together, as Dad loves to do on Christmas morning.  Then,we all headed upstairs to do presents.  Since there were no small children anticipating the gifts (unless you count Johnny), we were able to wait to do gifts until like 10am.

Nicole got these Monkey Pajamas the night before.  They are her Christmas pajamas.  I wanted her to have cute pajamas for me to take pictures of her for Christmas morning.  She loves them!  She never wants to take them off once she has them on, so we went back to Costco later and got her two more footy pajamas to wear.

Nicole got a band in a box for Christmas, which included a harmonica.  She loves music and plays her harmonica for us all the time.

 Nicole's big present this year was her push car.  She absolutely loves it!  She tells us all the time that she wants to drive her car.  Here she is on Christmas morning driving her car and reading a book.

Here we are are together as a family on Christmas morning.

Sarah and Mark holding Nicoley's book.

Mom and Dad with their Christmas Gifts

Johnny, Krista and Damon.  Johnny and Krista neglected to bring gifts for themselves, so all they had were these awesome stockings.

Marie, Anthon, and Damon with their new clothes.  Anthon's new clothes were Ditch.

Matt thought it would be fun to decorate Coley's bum with bows.
We had a lot of fun opening presents with Nicole.  She is certainly one spoiled little girl.  Matt got me a new ring to wear while I am pregnant since my wedding ring does not currently fit and it is a beautiful silver puzzle ring.  He also got me a winter coat which was very much needed.  I got Matt some awesome sweaters and an extension cord reel.  I love picking out gifts for my little girl and my husband.

After gifts, we ate "dinner" with my family, then headed over to Mamma Kimball's.  We spent the rest of the night with Matt's family and had Christmas dinner number two.  We were very spoiled by our parent's this year with many gift cards.  Matt and I are already planning date nights.

It was a good Christmas this year.  I especially loved watching Nicole open her presents.  She didn't really get the concept last year, but was very excited to open them this year.


Marie said...

I need to hear some harmonica from Oley O.

Annette said...

I've had a lot to catch up on. My sympathy to you at the loss of Matt's father. That it always hard no matter how prepared.
Nicole looks so cute. I'm glad your pregnancy is going so well and that you are counting your blessings. Love to you.