Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The problem with having just one child is that they get spoiled.  Despite our best efforts, we inevitably spoil our little Nicole.  Sometimes, it is just easier and less loud to give her what she wants than it is to fight her on it.  I'm thinking that these things will change a lot when baby Boy comes.

Last night Nicole did not want to go to bed, she did not want to brush her teeth and she threw a huge tantrum over it and threw herself around and bit her lip and made it bleed.  Ugh.  So, I set her down on the bed with me in my room while Matt did his homework downstairs.  I thought maybe she would get sleepy, but I was ready for sleep before she was.

I kept asking her, "Nicole, you want to go night night?"

Her response, "No Mamma, no night night."

Eventually, I had to tell her, "Nicoley, Mamma is tired.  Will you go to bed for Mamma?"

Her response, "Okay Mamma, so tired."

Then she went to bed.

It is sad when I fall asleep at the same time as my one year old.


Marie said...

Yep, she's spoiled, but that's how it goes when there's only 1 child. I'm sure the more kids you pop out, the less spoiled they will be.
I think last night she just wanted to stay up and hang out with you :)

Annette said...

Nichole may be spoiled, but it sounds like she has a very sweet heart when she's willing to go to bed because you're tired.

Laura said...

She is a typical first kid. Nothing wrong with that. I agree with Annette, how sweet that she was willing to do what she didn't want to for her mommy.