Monday, December 12, 2011

8 Months

I totally missed my 7 month post for Daniel, but that's okay, he didn't really accomplish much at 7 months.

Dan is still our super smiley and happy little man. He loves to play with Nicole and watch Nicole play.
Dan has started getting particular about toys. He knows what he wants and when Nicole takes a toy away from him, he screams like a little girl and then cries. It is really loud. We are working on not stealing toys.

Dan's favorite thing ever is eating! I make his baby food and he loves to eat solids! His favorite foods are mangos, avacado, pears, and apples. He also really loves cherios. He can grab his own snacks and shove them into his mouth in handfulls. Dan eats three solid meals a day and 4 bottles a day. He is a good fatty baby. I don't mind feeding him so often, but I do not like changing 5 poopy diapers a day. When Nicole was Dan's age, she really didn't eat that much, she was mostly a nursing baby and only had one poopy diaper a day. Those were good times. But, of course, Matt does the majority of the diaper changes. He's a good sport about it.

We gave Dan a haircut this weekend and it ended up WAY too short in my opinion. Matt used the clippers to sides of his head and now he looks like a little blond baldie. I'm a little sad about it and I hope his hair grows out again soon. But, if it grows at the speed it has been growing, it will be another month. Darn baby hair growing so slow!

Dan can sit up all on his own and he loves tummy time now. He puts himself in tummy time and likes to roll all over the floor. The days of leaving him on the bed are over because he is just too rolly polly. He is not crawling, and does not seem like he is anywhere near it, but that is fine with me. Once they are mobile, I have to start baby proofing again. We have been lax since Nicole is all older and less likely to lick a socket.

Dan can finally hold his own bottle! It makes all the difference since he still wakes up in the night for a feeding and I can just hand him his bottle rather than hold it for him. It makes for much easier feedings.

Here are a few of Dan's other accomplishments:

  • Dan can give five.
  • Dan can say: Ma ma, Da Da, Ba ba, and Hi
  • Dan can wriggle out of his bouncer and bumbo, so we don't use them much anymore. 
  • Dan loves to watch tv with his sister. He loves Blues Clues and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Also, I caught him doing this in his playpen.


Sarah said...

He's so big! Love those smiles. I think his hair looks fine.

Marie said...

Super cute! He is getting good at skooching around the floor and rolling over. He's such a happy, good boy.

Jasmine said...

He is getting so big! I love the picture of him trying to squeeze through the holes in his pack 'n play! Haha!

Laura said...

Dan is the Man!!!