Thursday, December 29, 2011

Double Whammy!

And the day after we recover from the stomach flu, we are smacked down with coughs and colds. Poor little Nicole's sweet high voice is all low, froggy, and raspy. She coughs herself awake in the night and we are miserable again. We haven't gone anywhere since Christmas because, well, we've been sick and haven't left the house. I don't know where we picked up this second sickness.

I'm telling you, if someone is sick around us, we WILL catch their sickness. It is inevitable. My family has the worst immune systems ever. Sick people just need to stay in their homes and quarantine themselves and stop passing on their diseases! I'm obviously mad about getting sick one day after getting better.


Sarah said...

Have you ever thought about taking vitamin C or echinacea regularly? Also, mind over matter. If you don't think you'll get sick, maybe you just won't.

Marie said...

Good advice Sarah. Being sick is crappy and having sick kids is even worse. Though it would be interesting to hear Nicole's new voice.

Laura said...

OK, you aren't the only ones who have the cough/cold symptoms...yup, I have them too. Hopefully we will all feel better quickly. Take care of yourselves.