Thursday, December 08, 2011

One Year Ago Today

We lost Dad Kimball a year ago today. We miss him very much. Today is a sad day for us as we remember him and miss him.

Nicole, Mom, and Dad Kimball

The things I remember most about Dad Kimball, in the short time that I knew him is that he was quiet, but funny. I only knew him while he was sick and I wish I had known him when he was healthy because the way the Kimballs tell it, he was always full of energy and life. He was happy and loved his kids and his grandkids very much.

We are all so grateful to get the time with him that we did get. I am especially grateful that he was here for our first child and got to know her and love her. We try and remind Nicole about her grandpa often. Although Nicole called him "paquwa." 

We know that Dad Kimball is no longer in pain, no longer fighting the cancer and is happy though he is not here with us. We miss him.


Marie said...

It's hard to lose a parent. Tell Matt we are thinking about him today.

Lisa said...

I'm glad he got to meet Nicole; I like the picture you posted.