Friday, December 09, 2011

Toilet Confessionals

I don't know what it is about the toilet, but it makes Nicole very honest. She starts to confess things while she is sitting on the toilet. So, don't tell Nicole any of your secrets because she will spill the beans during her toilet time.

Nicole on the toilet with Mommy helping her.

Nicole: Mommy, me and Daddy built you a new purse.
Me: What?
Nicole: Daddy and me. We made you a new purse. It is brown.
Me: Hmmm....

Outside the bathroom, I relay to Matt the conversation that Nicole and I just had.

Matt: What?!? Nicole! That was suppose to be a surprise for Christmas. We don't tell Mommy secrets.
Nicole: Yeah, don't tell Mommy surprises.

On a different day while Matt is in the bathroom with Nicole.

Nicole: Daddy, Mommy and me found your watch!
Matt: You found my watch?
Nicole: Yeah, we found your new watch.

Matt comes out triumphant because he too now knows his Christmas gift.

Moral of the story. Don't go shopping with Nicole if you don't want her to tell what gift you are giving.


Marie said... can't keep secrets.

Krista said...


Sarah said...

Ha ha! Yup, kids are the worst secret keepers. You should see what else you can get her to tell you on the toilet.