Monday, August 06, 2012


My little Dan the man is so funny. Lately he has started singing. Dan doesn't really say a lot of words, but he is starting to make new sounds. Mostly, it has been a lot of vowel sounds and just a few consonants. So his singing is making vowel sounds in the right tune. I'm always shocked at how well my kids stay in tune. Sometimes they are more in tune than me.

So, some of the songs that Dan LOVES...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This song sounds a little like this when Dan sings it "Inhl, Inhl, I-ill, Are." He loves this song because it is on Your Baby Can Read and hears it all the time.

Ten in the Bed. There is this children's book out there called Ten in the Den and I sing it to the tune of Ten in the Bed when I read it and Dan loves it!
So, when Dan sings it, it goes like this, "Row Ower, Row Ower" (instead of Roll Over). The, every time an animal falls out of the den, it goes "Roly, Poly, Bump" or "Floppity, Hoppity, Bump." Dan loves to sing this part. Except he says, "Eh, Eh, Bump!" His "bump" is very distinctive.

Ring Around the Rosy. Dan loves to play ring around the rosy. And, when we worked in the nursery, we discovered that there is a second verse which makes the game even more fun. Dan sings this is all vowel: "Eee Ah-oun Eh Oh-ey" "Ahhh Ahhh Ow-nuh." Even though he doesn't say the words, he loves to make the vowels sounds to the tune.

Slippery Fish. Marie taught me this one and she learned it in one of her children's groups that she goes to. Dan has not tried to sing this one but he loves doing the "Oh No!" and puts his hands over his ears. So funny.

Dan also loves to play peek-a-boo. He plays it with his blanky. He pulls his blanky over his face and then pulls it off. When I play peek-a-boo with my hands, Dan copies me except he puts his hands over his ears instead of his eyes. So funny.


Marie said...

Dano is such a cute, happy, fun little boy. I want to hear him sing next time I see him! It sounds so cute!

Laura said...

You know, I think I heard Dan singing during one of the wedding activities last Friday. At first I thought it was Nicole, but then I realized that I couldn't understand the must have been Dan! What a musically talented boy!