Friday, August 17, 2012

Riverwoods Splash Pad

The Riverwoods shopping mall in Orem has a splash pad that kids can play on during the summer.

Matt called me for lunch one day and we went to Malawi's for lunch and then walked outside to the splash pad where the kids could play. I really like Malawi's but Matt must be bad at ordering because we have been twice and he hasn't liked either of his meals, but I liked both of the meals that I ordered.

While Nicole was very excited to go and play in the fountain, Dan was a little more leery. Dan was more interested in the speakers playing music on the plaza. We kept trying to get him to play in the fountain, but he kept going back to the speaker and dancing to the music. The picture above is him looking at the speaker.

We did get Dan to touch the water, but then he got splashed, cried, and didn't want to go back.

Nicole had a good time playing in the water, but she was quickly cold because it wasn't a blazing hot day. But, an hour of lunch and play is more than enough for my kids. They are little and don't focus on any one thing too long.

This is just another fun/free activity in Utah that we like to do.

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Laura said...

Loved the pics and that you are finding so many fun free things for the kids to do. Good mommy and daddy.