Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farm Land!

Last week we went to Farm Land at Thanksgiving Point on a whim. If we had gone on a Tuesday, we could have gotten in for $2 a person. But, we are rebels and went on a Wednesday to avoid the crowds and it was awesome.

The kids liked it a lot more than I thought they would. I took Nicole last year when she was 2 and she cried and I took her when she was 1 and she cried... so I expected tears, but there wasn't! Two happy kids.

We got some feed from the machines so the kids could feed the goats. The kids were afraid of the adult goats, but there was a pen with two baby goats so, they fed them.

Dan was afraid at first, but when he felt that goat tongue lick his hand he started to laugh and really liked it.

Nicole handled feeding the animals like a pro. She even fed the llama.

Matt fed the llama too. It was a nice llama.

We walked around and saw all the horses, pigs, and ducks, but the kids were more excited about the little wooden houses and the vegetable garden. Nicole had to know what every plant in the garden was.

Then Nicole did a pony ride. We have attempted the pony ride twice before and it has always ended in tears. But I think she is finally old enough to handle it because she actually liked it this time. No tears. Yay!

I didn't even try to put Dan on a pony. He was afraid of the ponies from outside the fence so I wasn't going to attempt to bring him in the fence.

 We were lucky enough that they were milking the cows while we were there, so we got to watch them milk the cow. Nicole was intrigued... Dan was scared. Shocker!

 Dan did not want his picture taken with the cow.

The nice thing about Farm Country is that you can see it all in an hour which is about the attention span of my kids... and me. Just another fun activity to do in Utah! We are trying to get it all in before Matt goes back to school next week and the fun ends.


Marie said...

Kids love the farm. We have been there a couple times. It's so fun to watch your kids experience new things.

Laura said...

I love Farm Country! I'm glad that Nicole is old enough to love it too. Glad that you are making the most of your time together.