Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Like Daddy

Dan's new favorite toy when he goes to Grandma's house is a toy lawn mower. Grandma got it at DI for 4 dollars and Dan fell in love with it right away.

The first thing he did when he started to play with the lawn mower was pull the starter rope thingy (I don't know what it is called, I have never mowed a lawn). He has watched his Daddy mow the lawn a lot this summer, so he knew just what to do to start that puppy up.

Dan then ran that mower all over the back patio at Grandma's. He attempted to run it over the grass, but he found it a lot harder to push on the grass, so he just mowed the patio instead.

He was entertained by this thing for like an hour. Nothing entertains Dan for an hour. And he cried when I made him come inside because it was time to go. This boy is all boy. He wants to be just like his Daddy, mowing the lawn.

Which is perfectly fine with me because I certainly don't want to be mowing the lawn. Matt and Dan can split the job between them. It is funny when kids love to "play" at doing jobs that adults don't particularly like to do. But, to kids, it is super fun because it is what Mommy and Daddy do.

Girls pretend to cook and grocery shop. Boys pretend to mow and have play tools to pretend.

Silly kids.


Sarah said...

Ha! That's so cute! Emmett loves lawn mowers too! Must be a boy that age thing. Gotta do what Daddy does. Can't wait for Jackaroo to interact like that. At the same time, he should probably stop growing up and be my baby forever! I'm conflicted.

Marie said...

So cute! I love it when Damon copies the things we do. You gotta get them excited about chores while they are little so they want to do them when they are older. Little boys love to be like their daddys.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, by the time that they are old enough to really do a chore well, they don't want to do it anymore. (sigh) So enjoy it while it lasts. Young childhood years are the ones in which you have the most influence on your children. Take advantage of it.