Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dressed Up for a Wedding

Matt's brother DJ got married last week. He is the last of our siblings to get married and we were all very excited for him. So, we all got dressed up for DJ's wedding. We even went and bought Dan a little white shirt to wear with his wedding tie. I am usually all about the polo and khakis for him for church, so I haven't seen him in a little dress shirt and tie in a long time. I think the last time he wore one was... his baby blessing.

 But he looks so cute! He looks so grown up, just like a little man. Matt and Dan had matching ties and they looked so good.

Nicole, also got clothes for the wedding. She and all her cousins got little pink dresses to wear to the wedding. Nicole looked very cute, but unfortunately, this is the only pic I got of her that day. She kept calling the dress her "wedding dress" and it was so cute.

Dan was really tired the day of the wedding, so it was a rough day for him. My parents were also invited to the wedding. That is why you see them in this pic.

It was a long day. As are all wedding days for family members. But, we had a lot of fun despite our  tired children. DJ and Jenny looked so happy and we are so happy for the both of them. The wedding was a Provo Temple, then we had lunch at Tuccanos, and the reception was in Jenny's parent's backyard. The backyard was beautiful, her parent's did a good job decorating and making it look really good.

Congrats DJ and Jenny! We love you!


Marie said...

Cute kids. I love it when little boys wear little church outfits. Congrats DJ!

Laura said...

It was a wonderful day. I always loved it when my boys were little and wore their shirts and ties. I guess that's why I used to call them "little man" all the time. And little girls in pretty dresses? Is there anything cuter?