Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

On Friday, I was able to go and see Breaking Dawn Part 2. Momma Kimball was kind enough to watch the kids for me so that I could have a night out for me.

I usually go and see this movie with Marie and her friends, but since Marie had just had her baby, I just went with her friends without her. My mom came with me since Marie was unable to use her own ticket.

Karen orchestrated the whole night and got tickets for everyone at the Thanksgiving Point theaters. I haven't been to the Thanksgiving Point theaters in a few years and things have changed... a lot. I did not know that the theater was pretty much rebuilt to be this massive thing. It used to be a cute little thing, and now it is huge.

Karen and I at the theater
I love the first three Twilight books, but the Breaking Dawn book was very very disappointing. But, like a loyal fan I still went to see all the movies in the theater. I wasn't expecting anything great for this film because I know how much I do not like the end of the Breaking Dawn book. But, honestly, this movie is much better than the book, by a wide margin. (How many "book" movies can you say that about?)

The movie had all the elements of the book that I loved, edited out the boring and overly lengthy parts of the book and added parts to the story that were sorely needed and lacking in the book. The screenplay writer really did a good job adapting the book for film.

One of my favorite moments from the book put in the movie
Things I loved:
  • I loved how they portrayed Bella as a vampire. In the book, it seemed as if Bella went through a personality change when she became a vampire, but she seemed more... Bella in the movie. 
  • I liked how they portrayed Jacob's devotion to Renesme. He was more of a protective older brother rather than a person in love with a baby. The book seemed to have a hard time scaling Jacob's "love" back.
  • Less wolves. There were less scenes with wolves in them and it was just so nice. I don't have anything against the wolves (Team Jacob!) but they are really boring to watch on film because you can't hear the internal dialog going on between all the wolves.
  •  Still my favorite character in the movie is Charlie. Billy Burke makes Charlie so endearing, that you can't help but love him. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, oh Charlie, you are my favorite.

  • And my second favorite performance is this guy, Michael Sheen. He plays a magnificent Aro. He is funny and evil and likable even though he is evil because he gets such a kick out of being evil. He was especially fun to watch in this film.
  • The ending! So, remember how in the book there is this big build up to the end battle and then they stand around and talk a lot and nothing happens and no one dies and it is a huge disappointment? Well the movie fixes that! The battle scene is awesome. And there is a surprise at the end of the movie that I did not see coming. The whole time the battle scene was happening, I just kept thinking, this is how the book SHOULD have ended. Awesome. It really made the movie for me.
Things I didn't so much like:
  • How little we saw Charlie. I get it, Charlie isn't a big part of the book, so he isn't a part of the movie very much, I just missed him. Couldn't they have added him in more just because?
  • Because of the massive amount of new characters that were being introduced, the amount of screen time spent on each character is very limited. I wish there could have been more time to get to know more of the characters that were new to this film.

  • Baby Renesmee. They created this sort of CG version of Renesmee and it looked very odd. CG face on baby body is really weird looking. As does baby with full set of teeth. But, I get it, they did it so that the baby would look unnatural and look like the little girl that they cast as Renesmee, but even so, it was just really odd. 
In conclusion, I loved the movie. I would dare to say that it is my favorite of the Twilight movies thus far. My second favorite being New Moon (Team Jacob!). Now I feel like I need to go back and watch all the movies again. I only own the first one though so I will have to go and have Twilight marathons at Marie's or something.


Marie said...

They have been playing the first and second movie on tv the past couple weeks so I watched those, but I want to watch all of them again before I see the final movie. I'm sad I missed seeing the movie with you, but I'm more glad that I'm no longer pregnant.

Laura said...

I pretty much agree with everything that you said, and I would add that not only did Bella become a more likable character to me, but so did Edward. Bella finally learns to speak without constantly pausing and stammering, and Edward finally looks happy instead of brooding. It was nice to see them united and strong in their efforts to save their daughter instead of being whiny and depressed all the time.