Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It's Over

The election is finally over and I am relieved because I am so tired of listening to people talk incessantly about politics. I don't like talking politics. I especially don't like listening to people talk about the same issues again and again. And I am tired of people bashing other candidates instead of touting the candidate they are rooting for. So, I am glad that it is finally over.

Voting yesterday was madness. There were more people at the polls in Utah this year than I have ever seen before. I have never waited more than 20 minutes to vote. I went in yesterday when the polls first opened and I waited in line an hour to vote. Matt went in with the kids later in the morning and he was in line for 2 hours. He said it was horrible. But, despite the lines, I'm glad people are exercising their right to vote.

Not all the people that I voted for won, which is a little disappointing, but I don't have control over that. I can only do my part and vote.

Four more years of Obama... I guess we will never know if Romney could have turned this country around. Here's hoping that Obama gets his act together and actually starts to do some good. So far, I have not benefited from his reign.

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