Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Sick Why!?!

The kids are sick again. It is inevitable. Kids get sick, it is a thing. But I still hate it.

What started as a runny nose and a cough has become a monster! Cough cough, vomit. That is what my kids do because they haven't yet figured out how to clear their throats after coughing, so they start to gag and then vomit. Awesome.

Also, Nicole has a runny/stuffy nose and still hasn't figured out how to blow her nose. It has resulted in lots of tears because we try to explain it to her, try to show her how to blow her nose, but she just keeps sucking in instead of blowing out and then she cries.

And then the fevers came. Not just little fevers, but the scary fevers 103.5 fevers. Why does Nicole fever so high when she is sick? I've started getting used to the high fevers so when she clocks in at 101, I'm like, "psht, that's nothing, she's fine."

I took a half day at work yesterday so that I could stay home with the kids while Matt finished up a school project and went to class and I got a small glimpse at my soon to be stay-at-home life. And, even with the sickness, it was awesome. Being a stay-at-home mom is going to be awesome.

Here's hoping that my kids are better by Friday so that I can leave them with a sitter and go to the Twilight movie. I don't know how to speed up their recovery though. I suppose we just have to wait it out. I take extra vitamin C and extra airborne when I'm sick, but kids aren't suppose to do that. If only there was baby vitamin c and baby airborne.


Adrianne Miller said...

Jack has no clue how to blow his nose either. It drives me crazy!! Sorry they are sick!

Sarah said...

Sick kids is pretty much the worst. Hope they get better soon.

Jasmine said...

My girls have had nagging colds this last week, too. So has Joel. And I caught it over the weekend. Ugh... I hope you littles start feeling better soon! (and that you don't catch it!)