Monday, November 05, 2012


Dan and Nicole often get to spend time with their cousins. I was watching my sister's boy, Damon, the other night and all the kids wanted to sit on this little bean bag. It is not a big bean bag, but they all insisted on sitting on it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

They were like little zombies fixed to the screen.

 The kids spend every Monday with their cousin Lindy because my sister-in-law watches them for us. Lindy is so cute and the kids love her.

Dan is so happy about something.

Look at Nicoley putting her arm around her brother. What a good sister!

They are good cousins.


Sarah said...

Cousins are the best. Too bad Jackaroo isn't around. He would love to play with his cousins alla time.

Marie said...

Damon LOVES his cousins!

Laura said...

I love to see little kids loving each other. It is so sweet.