Thursday, November 01, 2012

Adobe Halloween Party

Adobe had a Halloween Party and we were able to attend because Matt works there and he skipped class so that we could all go together. This party was amazing. Bigger than any corporate party that I have ever been to.

The employees had turned the office into a Halloween walk. Each department decorated their sections in a theme and everyone who came to the party was able to walk through the office like it was a Halloween Haunted house kinda thing... only less scary.

The line to get in was like a 45 minute wait and we forgot to bring our stroller, so it was a long wait. But, they had a lot of entertainment while we were waiting in line. There was food (churros, ice cream, popcorn) and then there were entertainers like a live band, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, the jazz cheerleaders, snakes, tarantulas, unicyclists, a yo yo trick guy and a lot more. So, we were not bored in line, it was just hot and my arms were getting tired from holding a kid the whole time.

Acrobats and Cheerleaders

Nicole loved the snake. She even held it for a little while. She cried when she couldn't hold it longer.

"Hey snake, where are you going?"
Once we finally got inside the first building (there were two) I was amazed. It didn't even look like an office. It looked like a haunted house. Each section was decorated differently. There was a western section, a haunted section, Avengers section, Disneyland, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Neverland, and others that I cannot remember because it was a lot to take in.

Conference room decorated with skeletons.

Adobeland (aka Disneyland)

Nicole and Cinderella

Nicole and Daisy
Nicole with Minnie and Mickey

Damon, Nicole, and Dan with Nana

Captain Hook's ship

Nicole and Captain Hook
Dan and a Pirate

Bilbo Baggins Birthday Party

A waterfall that they built inside the building. It was awesome.

District 12 as we enter the Hunger Games
It was a lot of fun, thought it was exhausting. My arms were dead by the end of it from holding children a not small amount of the 2.5 hours that we were there. But, the kids were actually really good and they got a lot of candy while we were there. As soon as we got the kids into the car, they fell asleep. They were very tuckered out.

Here's hoping that Matt is able to stay with Adobe and we can do more fun events in the future. Matt didn't do any of the decorating because he works the graveyard and because his department did not decorate. In fact, the people who work in the NOC were the only ones working while the party was going on. Even though there is a party, someone still has to watch the servers.

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Marie said...

That was a super fun and elaborate party. It's good that I had a stroller that at least one kid could sit in at a time. But I heard that when they move to the new building, they won't do parties like this because only employees will be allowed in the building.