Monday, September 20, 2010

Dad Kimball Update

Some of you know that Dad Kimball has lung cancer. Mom and Dad Kimball moved out here to Utah a couple of weeks ago to be with their family at the end of Dad's cancer battle. Dad has been fighting cancer for 8 years now. Many of his treatments have worked wonderfully and given us more time with him.

Yesterday Dad started having pain in his hips and couldn't walk. Last night he was taken to Timpanogos because the pain got so bad. An MRI revealed that the tumors in his lungs have spread to his pelvis and back. The doctors are coordinating with Huntsman Cancer Center and we don't know what the next step is yet. Please keep Dad Kimball in your prayers.

Update: Dad Kimball is being transferred to Utah Valley today and will be going in for a surgery on his back to relieve the pressure that the tumors are causing. This will ease a lot of his pain and hopefully allow him to walk again.


Deanne said...

I will surely keep him in our prayers. I hope the surgery will alleviate some of his pain.

Annette said...

God bless Dad Kimball and your family at this time.