Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date Night at the Hospital

Matt and I don't get a lot of time together recently while I am working during the day and he is going to school at night, so we decided to move Family Night to Sundays and Date Night to Mondays (one of our only nights together). Last night was suppose to be our first big outing, but with Dad Kimball in the hospital we thought that we would make our date night a trip to the hospital to see Dad.

Marie graciously watched Nicole for us in her very pregnant state. I think that she has more endurance, patience and tolerance in her last weeks of pregnancy than I did in my whole pregnancy with Nicole. She is quite the trooper, it is like she is already a mommy. Luckily, Nicole was on good behavior while we were gone.

So, for our date, we went to Quizznos because I have been craving their Classic Italian sandwich, then we headed over to Utah Valley to see Dad. Matt had been there earlier in the day with Nicole, but I hadn't seen Dad since they took him off in the ambulance on Sunday. He is looking a lot better than he was, this may be due to the fact that they have him on morphine for the pain, but it was nice to see some color returning to his face.

Dad is going to be in the hospital for another few days. He goes into surgery tomorrow afternoon. The doctors are not going to remove the new tumors, they are going to fuse four of his vertebrae in his back together to make more room for the tumor to grow. This should alleviate a lot of the pain he is feeling and will hopefully allow him to walk again. He will lose some range of motion in his back, but that is a fair trade for use of your legs. After the surgery, he should be good to return home once he has recovered.

So, we sat and chatted with Mom and Dad Kimball for about an hour and watched Dad eat his dinner (someone may have stolen his unwanted/delicious shortbread cookies). Hospital food definitely looks like it has improved since I had Nicole a year and a half ago. I remember sending Matt down to the cafeteria to get me real food because I did not care for the hospital food.

After our hospital visit it was back to Marie's to get Nicole. She was happy and fine and ready to go home. It was a good first date night, even if it was a trip to the hospital. As much as I miss my Nicoley during the day, I feel it is still important to have quality time with my husband. Hopefully, our date nights will be able to continue.


Marie said...

I might as well spend some time with a baby who is in the real world since mine refuses to join us. Plus Nicole loves my house. All the baby toys (that no one besides Nicole uses) and the kitties.

Laura said...

It doesn't matter where date night is...just that you had date night.