Monday, September 27, 2010


We did it! We survived a miserable weekend of the stomach flu. I got it the worst of all of us, but I too survived. The weekend consisted of resting, and trying to get my house back in order (6 loads of laundry!). Being sick for just a few days really does a number on the messiness of the house.

We even felt well enough yesterday to go and see Dad Kimball in the hospital. He is recovering nicely and may be able to leave the hospital tomorrow! He is able to walk, which really is a miracle. We are so grateful to the doctors, nurses, and surgeons who have taken such good care of Dad. It will be good to have him out of the hospital.

We also went to see little Damon Mecham yesterday. He is one rolly polly baby boy. He is so cute with a little round face, just like my Nicole was when she was born. But man is he a screamer! When he starts to get mad, he starts to snort, then he starts to scream. It was startling for me at first because Nicole never screamed like that as a baby, she barely even cried. She was more of a grunter, when she wanted something she would just start grunting. I know that I got really lucky with my first kid. But, Marie is a good mommy and is taking good care of her little one.

Matt and I are so glad that we will very soon have no one to visit in the hospital. Between Dad and two sisters having babies, there was just too much going to the hospital. Nicole is very sick of the hospital.

Hopefully, this week will be a good one. Free of sickness and hospitalization.


Jasmine said...

Yay for feeling better!

Adrianne Miller said...

Ugh. I freaking hate the stomach flu and it's just mean to be pregnant with it. So sorry but glad you are feeling better.
I totally thought I was due on the 19th but my doctor told me I was wrong. I told him it didn't matter cause I was going to slip him a 20 to induce me as early as possible. He said that would work.
Are you hoping for a boy this time or another girlie?

Laura said...

I hate visiting the hospital, but I am glad there are ones when we need them. Glad you are all well again.