Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stomach Flu

There is nothing worse or more sad than a kid with the stomach flu. Nicole threw up in her bed yesterday morning and I had hoped that it was just tooth pain causing her to throw up. Then, I found out that an event that Nicole and I attended over the weekend contained stomach flu contaminated people and I began to fear.

When I got home from work yesterday Nicole was really sad and lethargic. I tried to give her a bottle, but she only drank an ounce before she got up and went to the corner of the room to throw up. Poor little one! She turned around and looked at me like she didn't know what had just happened and then started to cry. She walked over to me and a gave her a hug and she threw up on me. So it goes being a mom. She threw up a few more times and I was all alone with her while Matt had to go to school. I'm just glad that she wasn't as sick while Matt was caring for her during the day.

I had one sad little girl all night. Comforted only by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (how tired of that show I am!). Matt got home around 10pm as he had gone back to the hospital after class. I was already half asleep with Nicole watching cartoons in our bed. He took her downstairs so that I could get some sleep as I had to get up early for work today. Poor little Nicoley did not fall asleep until after midnight (stomach flu is the worst).

I woke up early and was trying my darndest to not wake Nicole, but just as I was about to sneak out the door at 6:30, she woke up. Matt took her for more cartoon watching, but I feel bad for him as he did not get much sleep last night. Matt is certainly a trooper.

Hopefully, she will start to feel better today. It would be nice if this is just a 24 hour things. I hope that I am not getting it. I'm nauseated this morning, but maybe it is just morning sickness.

Dad Kimball's surgery is today. I will post when we know how it went.


Jasmine said...

I'm so sorry she caught it, Becky! This bug seems to be really contagious, so I hope that you and Matt don't get it. It seems to be a 24-hour thing, though, so I hope she starts feeling better soon!

(I also REALLY hope that Marie didn't get it!)

Deanne said...

Poor baby! I hope it doesn't spread.