Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter Sir!

Matt and I doubled with Johnny and Krista on Saturday morning and we went to see the last Harry Potter film. We got tickets to a morning movie (9:45am) because we had family pics later in the day and we wanted to go out before Nicole's nap (family pics will have it's own post soon). Norm and Miranda were kind enough to watch the kids for us so that we could go. But, Norm was working, so it was really more Miranda than Norm who watched the kids. Luckily, Nicole loves her cousin Hailey and had a good time.

We got to the movie 15 minutes beforehand, which I was concerned would not allow us to sit together, but, apparently, no one wants to go and see a movie at 9 in the morning. Johnny and Krista met us there. It was fun going to see it with Johnny and Krista because they are fans. It is always more fun when someone is as excited about the movie as I am.

Now on to my impressions.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was very exciting, thrilling, and entertaining. I felt like it was a very dynamic conclusion to the Harry Potter story. The story followed the book fairly closely, with the exception of the battle at Hogwarts. I felt like the movie did a better job depicting the battle than the book did. Additionally, the movie did a great job describing the idea of wandlore and wand allegiance. When I read the books, I was always a little bit confused as to the allegiance of the elder wand, but the movie really drove the point home because it is so pivitol to the destruction of Voldemort.

My favorite characters in this film were Snape and Neville. This movie shows such a different side of Snape. He is more human than in any other film and I really got emotional when the movie came to the end of his story. Neville was my second favorite because he gets a couple epic moments in the film that make me root for him. Both actors did a great job with their characters.

Things that disappointed me, the underwhelming relationship between Harry and Ginny. These two end up together, but the few moments that they have together in the film felt very forced and a little awkward. But, the Ron and Hermione relationship was playfully depicted. They added a little humor to the final acceptance of their building romantic relationship which made it very endearing rather than corny.

I really enjoyed the film. I thought that it was well made and definitely one that I would buy for my Harry Potter collection. Matt even enjoyed it and he has neither read the books, nor is much of a fan (he just watches the movies with me because he is a good husband). But, I would put a disclaimer on this film that it is absolutely NOT a children's film. It is scary and gory and I would not let a child under thirteen watch it. One couple in the theater had a 2 year old looking kid with them and I was shocked! People were dying left and right, blood splattering here and there, and they are letting their two year old watch it? Nightmares!

After the movie, Krista, Johnny, Matt, and I ran over to El Pollo Loco for a quick lunch. Matt loves this place and we hardly ever go because it is in AF. So, it was a fun treat. But, it is not the cheapest place. We definitely could have gotten a cheaper meal going to In and Out. I had the Pollo bowl and it was good, but I only got two tortillas for a huge bowl of food, it was not enough. Plus, I ate their delicious salsa, which was a mistake because it gave Daniel the spit ups for the rest of the day. I ended up pumping out the rest of my milk and throwing it down the sink because it was too spicy for him.

It was a good morning date! Even though I miss my children whenever I am not with them, and I try to spend all of my free time with my kids, I think it is completely worth it to go on dates with just my husband. It is just as important to have one on one time with my husband as it is to have it with my kids. Perhaps it is even more important. As much as I love my kids, it is my husband that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and I love being with him!


Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

It's funny y'all showed up 15 min before and didn't have a problem. We went to the 9:45 showing at Provo Towne Center, got there an hour early, got in line, and stayed there until 15 min before it started. It sold out about the time we got there too.

I LOVE Snape and Alan Rickman. I guess I should say that I love Alan Rickman and how well he did as Snape. His little sequence was probably my favorite part of the movie.

I'm glad you enjoyed your morning date. I love morning movie dates. I think they're they best!

Becky said...

We went to the AF theater and I got tickets beforehand, so it wasn't a problem. I saw people lined up for the movie when we left the theater and I just thought, "Ha ha, I didn't wait at all."